Welcome to the Midwest Mastiff Fanciers Web site.  The MMF serves Mastiff fanciers living primarily in an eight state area (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Michigan) however, we welcome all Mastiff Fanciers including those living outside of these areas.  The club is one of the oldest, having its beginnings in 1970.  Currently we are over 150 strong.  We are a very active club, we have two supported entries every year, our Spring supported at the International Kennel Club’s benched show in Februrary in Chicago and a Fall supported somewhere in the region.  In addition we have supported many, many Mastiff Club of America National Specialties in our region over the years and many of our members hold chair positions at all Nationals no matter where they are held.

The MMF is dedicated to the betterment of the English Mastiff breed.  The club strives to educate Mastiff owners and the general public about the Mastiff and what responsible ownership entails.  We hope you find our site informative and helpful.

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