Midwest Mastiff Fanciers welcome all Mastiff Fanciers to our club and our shows. We encourage anyone with a love for the breed to learn as much as you can and to be an active member of our organization.


Section 1: The name of the Club shall be the Midwest Mastiff Fanciers.

Section 2: The objectives of the Club shall be:

a. To encourage and promote the breeding of purebred Mastiffs and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.

b. To encourage members and breeders to accept the standards of the breed as approved by the

American Kennel Club

as the only


of excellence by which Mastiffs shall be judged.

c. To promote and advance the interest of the breed and to encourage sportsman-like competition at all dog shows and obedience trials.

Section 3: The Club will not be conducted or operated for profit and no part of any profit, remainder, or residue from dues or donations will benefit any member or individual

Section 4: Members shall adopt and may at any time revise the guidelines as may be required to carry out the objectives.

Section 5: There shall be two classes of membership, active and honorary:

Active Membership is open to all persons 18 years of age or older. Active members will pay dues and have full voting and office holding privileges in the Club.

Honorary membership shall be those members who have over 20 years of service to the Club. Honorary members shall pay no dues, but shall have full voting and office holding privileges.

Section 6: Dues are $20.00/year for one individual, $30.00/year for a family with one newsletter, and $40.00/year for a family with two newsletters.

Section 7: A member may terminate membership by resignation or lapse in dues.

Section 8: Meetings shall be held twice per year and they shall be held the Saturday evening before the Club supported show. Board meetings are held on an as needed basis either directly before the meeting, by mail, e-mail or phone.

Section 9: The Clubs supported shows are generally held in the spring and the fall. Any member may submit a bid to sponsor a show in their area. The bid will be voted on at the general meeting. Bids for the fall show must be received and voted on by the membership present at the spring meeting. The reverse applies for the fall meeting.

Section 10: Election of officers is held at each fall meeting by nominations from the membership present. Election to each position is by majority vote. Club officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Duties of the officers are as follows:

a. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and shall have the duties and power normally pertinent to the office of President. Additionally, the President assumes responsibility for the care and maintenance of the Club’s sterling silver trophies.

b. The Vice-President shall have the duties and exercise powers of the President in his/her absence. In addition the Vice-President shall make available an education topic at least annually.

c. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Club and of all votes taken by mail, as well as all matters of record that were ordered by the Club. He/she shall receive an annually revised list of paid and honorary members of the Club from the Treasurer.

d. The Treasurer shall collect and receive all money due or belonging to the Club. The books shall at all times be open to inspection by the membership and he/she shall report the condition of the Club’s finances at every meeting. Furthermore, the Treasurer shall submit a report of monies received and expended during the previous fiscal year annually in the newsletter.

Section 11: Any vacancies occurring among officers during the year may be filled at the next meeting by a majority vote of members present. The exception being the office of President, which shall be filled by the Vice-President.

Section 12: The Club’s official year begins with the election of officers at the fall meeting. Newly elected officers take charge of the meeting. They shall receive from the retiring officer(s) all records and properties relating to the appointed position within 30 days after election.

Section 13: Voting is by paid and honorary members present at the bi-annual meeting.

Section 14: Discipline: Any member suspended from the American Kennel Club is automatically suspended from voting and office holding privileges in the Club.

Any member who refers statements against another member for alleged misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the breed shall refer their concerns to the

Mastiff Club of America

or shall discuss their concerns privately. If said misconduct becomes a concern to the general membership it may be brought up for discussion at the next bi-annual meeting with recommendations for action/non-action by a majority vote of those members present.

Section 15: Amendments to the Guidelines may be proposed annually at the spring meeting, or in writing to the President. Changes in the Guidelines will be by a majority vote of the membership.

Approved 1990